Thursday, February 12, 2015

Micah's Super Vlog - My Journey!

5 Years ago, in one of my classes at college, we were asked to make some very lofty goals of what we wanted to do in the year 2015. "Think big!" our instructor said, encouraging us to not limit ourselves. "Very well..." i thought, " I want to have my OWN cartoon." I didn't mean to work as an animator, storyboard artist, I wanted to have an idea... create characters and really have a show to call my own. So here we are 5 years later, and I'm proud to say I have my own cartoon show.  It is called... "Micah's Super Vlog!"

Let me clear things up, it's not a cartoon that can hold up to something you would see on nickoldean(although that Is what I'm aiming for!), but it Is a show in its own right.
each episode will half an hour and airing on Hope TV later this year. 

It didn't come as I expected. I thought I would quite easily climb my way through the top by working in animation studios. It came about in a much more humbling experience. 

Last year my work (Square One world media) asked me, "Girish, you illustrated a bible story book... can you make that into a cartoon?".  

 I knew full well that it was a very naive question, but I was naive as well, so I responded with , 
"YEP. I SURE CAN. I'll even make an episode a month.". I had no idea what I just said and I didnt care. Up until that point i didnt think I could actually achieve that lofty dream back in 2010. 

Thankfully, I was stubborn enough to try to live up to my goal, and I created a loose concept and characters. I showed it to the staff about a month later. Micah's Super Vlog! People thought it was great, and it was encouraging, but I knew that i had to pick up the pace. I needed help. 

about 3 months in, I reached out to my good illustrator friend Stuart. He was like me, he could draw, do motion graphics, but animation was something that was more of a dream than a reality. 
He agreed to help, it wasnt long before he was hired alongside me to create MSV. 
Here we were, two illustrators, aspiring to be animators and show creators. 

And 3 months later, we finished our first episode! It was a difficult and clumsy ride to that very important check point, but we made it there. Since then we have done much research and developing. We're applying all we learned from the first episode to make the second one better.

I'm really blessed to be making this show. The fact this exist, is such a crazy thought! Hoping that this will be a blessing to you and your friends!

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