Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back at it

A lot has happened in the last month and a bit, which is one of the reasons why i havent posted any drawings. I've moved into my house and there just seems to be no end to the work that goes into it. Other  cool things have happened in my life which are great. God has been very good to me. not that its anything new that  God is good. Even in the times where he feels far away, he's showing grace over our lives.
Things in our lives by no means, make God good. He has sovereign knowledge over our lives and allows for things that go beyond our perspective.

Anyways, This upcoming sunday is Kaylas birthday and the last birthday from the class of '10-'11!
she really likes nancy drew, so im going with that theme Pretty excited about this.  The idea behind this is to make an old school nancy drew cover where the girl is peering into a spooky room of sorts to uncover a mystery. the twist here is that she's walking into her surprise birthday party. The tough part of this drawing is Who should be in the party? ive considered the sunday school class, but none of the other kids had the rest of the class in their bday drawing... plus thats way more work than i have time for! another thoguht would be animals... but could be creepy i dont know... hopefully something fun will strike me soon...

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  1. That is so heartwarming - so nice to hear that kids still read Nancy Drew. The illustration is going to turn out fantastic, too!