Friday, July 13, 2012

2012 Year end drawing

I knew this year had to top last years epic movie poster. How could I achieve this?
Well earlier in the year I began drawing the kids, opposed to an animal that represented their favorite things... so naturally I had to draw them as a class. I've been realy focusing on poses, as I will admit, up until recently has been fairly week. I've learned to really rough out my drawings with circle and lines  to get the general feel for it, instead of just going straight for the outlines. 

So here first, in blue is my original poses. They have very little detail, because the point was to capture their pose. I was pleased with how freeing this step was...

Next, I could place the outlines with confidence. Here are the final outlines of each character.  In my humble opinion, I think they look much more accurate and fun than my previous renditions of the kids.

And... Here is the final. Color and shaded:

In addition to their poster that they recieved, I also designed neat little  bookmarks, which also look great together in a set. Each bookmark is colored with their favorite color(as I remember... they may have changed it since...).

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